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83 990 Tenue de Plage Clothing

Pure Man offers a wide range of shorts and swimwear from one of the biggest brands to come from the Cote díAzure. Their name, 83990 Tenue De Plage refers to the postcode of St. Tropez, where the brand started life in 2009. The mission of 83990 Tenue De Plage, is to convey the atmosphere of St Tropez, where past and modernity, luxury and glamour blend together to create a unique and unforgettable mix. As such, products from this French brand also exude a sense of sophistication and retro charm. Every item of 83990 Tenue De Plage swimwear is made with high-quality materials to give the best finish. Shop the stylish range of designer beachwear from 83990 Tenue De Plage at Pure Man.

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