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Jeffery West Leather Shoes & Socks

It is often said that a manís shoes are the most important piece of his clothing. No-one believes this more than Mark Jeffery and Guy West, founders of Jeffery West and purveyors of seamlessly stylish, meticulously crafted footwear.

Established in 1987, the brand started working with classic Northamptonshire factories and created a look that was slicker and sharper than anything that was being produced at the time. By using only the best of materials, Jeffery West has developed footwear with traditional characteristics and maintained a level of luxury in keeping with the elegance of the heyday of British shoemaking.

The initial styles offered a new take on classic Victoriana menís styles as well as re-workings of patterns coming out of the traditional factories. Continuing this ethos, the look of Jeffery West shoes is still a mix up of English gentlemenís club, RockíníRoll aristocracy and Victorian knocking shop - to name but a few style influences.

Hell-raisers and rogues of a thoroughly British tradition are the style icons of Jeffery West shoes - with new colours and references coming from the world of film and music (or straight off the pages of history) each season.

Among our collection of quality Jeffery West shoes, youíll find a variety of colours including black, black-red, black-blue, mahogany, tan, navy and more. Styles include menís loafers, Chelsea boots, brogues, boots and plenty more. With so much choice, we are sure that youíll find the perfect pair to match your rebellious fashion style.

Channel your inner rebel today and shop for robust, beautifully crafted and effortlessly stylish menís footwear from the Jeffery West shoes collection at Pure Man. Weíve handpicked each pair for our selection, with focus on bringing you the very best menís shoes at the best prices. Shop online today.

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